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Thai Spicy Salad


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No Preservative ,No MSG ,natural lime juice
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Thai Salad Dressing
Easy cooking  Thai chillies Salad
Oldies Cafe&restaurant since1991proudly presents our best selling Thai dishes for easy cooking @home

Thai Salad Dressing

Lime Juice 46%
Palm Sugar 36%
Fish Sauce 18%


1.Thai Mango chilli salad

Sliced green sour mango or green sour apple1/2cup ,3 Fresh chillis ,1tbl Shallot slice add 1Sachet Oldies Thai Papaya Salad Dressing  mix well.Garnished with Cashew nut or peanut.

2.Grass noodle Thai Chilli Salad (Yum Woon Sen)

Boil 70gr.grass noodle and drain.Boil 30 gr.mince pork, 3 prawns 4pcs squid and drain add 2shallot slice ,1celery cut 1inch long,2-3 fresh chillies .Add 1 sachet Oldies Thai Salad Dressing mix well .Sprinkle  peanuts

3.Thai Wing Bean Spicy Salad

Boil 250gr Wing bean sliced 3min and drain.Boil 30 gr mince pork, 3prawns ,4pcs squid and drain.Add 1sachet Oldies Thai Salad dressing and 4 tablespoons  evapulated milk and 3 tablespoons roasted  chilli paste  mix well .Add 3 tbl dry shredded coconut and 2 tbl crispy fried shallot and garnish with sliced boiled egg and fried dry chillies

No preservative
No coloring

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